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What is Effective Leadership ?

Let's explore one definition of Leadership - " leadership is a process of influence that generates the commitment and capabilities required to translate vision into reality"

Effective leadership is exercised through three key aspects - strategic, team and personal. Exploring leadership through these three perspectives helps provide insight into the skills and practices that make for an "effective leader"

Strategic Leadership

  • keeping an eye on marco trends and the big picture

  • making time for strategic thinking

  • getting clarity on strategic priorities and outcomes

  • deliberate decision-making

  • focused execution

Team Leadership

  • developing trust among team members

  • encouraging innovative solutions to problems

  • facilitating alignment and collaboration across teams and functional silos

  • developing leadership skills within others

  • nurturing team norms and culture

Personal Leadership

  • deep connection to purpose and vision

  • awareness of your values,beliefs, strengths and limitations

  • openness to feedback and challenge

  • continuous learning and growth

  • setting the example for others

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