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A renowed performance coach and authority in helping successful leaders achieve positive lasting change in behaviour for themselves, their people and their teams.


"His analytical skills combined with an engaging and personable approach has helped many a Board to develop, both as individual Directors and as a cohesive group"


Call me for a confidential and complimentary discussion about your key business issue : 07831 484244



Helping You

I work with Business Owners - Company Directors and Management Teams to help them achieve their Goals and improve Performance - as a Leadership Coach with 21 years experience and having built and run my company for 25 years I have developed a knack of getting to the nub of the problem and then helping others to focus on the necessary outcomes ... 

 A Clients view 

Colin is a great asset to have when an organisation knows it needs to change but can't quite figure out how ; or needs a business strategy that plays better to it's personnel strengths. He is at his best when helping the management team to focus on the real issues and understand the dynamics of any given situation .......

Immediate impact ..

The Discovery Personal Profile is a personal development tool which gives individuals an engaging, reinforcing and transformational insight into themselves and others.

Enables people to develop their interpersonal skills, improving team performance and creating a more positive, productive cultural environment.

Insights Accredited Practitioner

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