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Emotional Intelligence = Happiness

People with more Emotional Intelligence [ EI ] are happier - they are more perceptive and sensitive to others; more rewarding and more fun; more adaptable and flexible - they find it easier to make friends and keep them, a crucial ingredient to happiness..

EI is about being aware of and sensitive to one's own and others moods. But it is also about the management of your own and others moods. So emotionally inteligent people are better at reading and shaping their own moods and those of others, a key ingredient to success.

Those that have studied the role of personality, emotion and mood have found, not surprisingly, that happy people and more successful at work and sport .... not sure you can break a world record feeling miserable !!

- Happier people get better jobs - more variety

- Happier MDs have happier people working for them.

- Happier people show better job performance

- Happier people make more money

EI teaches one to be more focused

* People in a good mood recall more positive things

* People with a sunny disposition make better decisions, they are faster, more accurate.

* People in a good mood are more encouragingh, more forgiving,more tolerant of others

* Good mood makes people more generous, more co-operative, more helpful.

Management is a contact sport - we can irrespective of our personality learn to improve our social and interpersonal skills and in the process become more EI

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