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So how was last week ?

If I asked you the key question - how was last week, what would you answer .... not bad ... pretty good !!!

If I asked any of your staff the same question what would they say ... OK we are busy ... hectic.

Try again ... good week because :-

1. we delivered all orders [ 56 ] on time and complete

2. waste was > x %

3. sales forecast is 5% ahead of plan

4. overtime was up 10% at 24 hours

5. machinery down time was less than planned / expected

So what five key numbers drive your business ? the above was just an example.

The right answer for you and ALL your staff would be a response to five key numbers that are relevant to their part of the business. Just think what it would be like if you could ask any member of your team and they would immediately reply with five key measures.

The MONDAY MORNING NUMERS as I call them .... go on ask yourself and then try any member of your team and see what they say.

Need some help, then give me a call. 07831 484244

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